Recipe for warm up

Warm up Ring…/ Practice Ring…. /Collecting Ring…./Hell…..whatever you like to call it yourself. 
That place you must pass through before you can compete.

  1. Take a dozen or so highly strung riders, mix them up adding a smattering of rude, nervous, loud or oblivious character types.
  2. Make sure the setting is turned to ‘nerves’ and ‘stress’.
  3. Mount said riders on a collection of horses who are all at the verge of a panic attack (afterall what horse isn’t always 3 breaths from a panic attack?)
  4. Now put the above in a small confined space.
  5. Sprinkle with an assortment of people shouting, loudspeakers blaring and dogs barking, don’t forget flag waving.
  6. Add ring stewards, don’t forget to also stress these out
  7. Bake at 100 degrees, if you would rather your warm up be slightly damp, add rain.
  8. Mix for anything from 10 to 40min
  9. Serve up with a grimace that can sometimes be mistaken for a grin…..sometimes.