Feeding Time

Length of time to make horses dinner.
Soak beet pulp - 12 hours
Wash out buckets in icy water  -  1min
Warm hands up again as they have frozen to feed bucket - 5min
Curse at feed bag string because it’s not doing that lovely satisfying pull through the top of the bag but instead is getting tighter -  5min
Find scissors  - 10min
Trip over buckets on the way back with scissors and hurt your knee -  2min
Open feed bag with scissors but try to make it look like you opened it by pulling the string  - 2min
Mix feed with soaked beet pulp and supplements -  1min
Wrestle veg oil bottle off the dog who is licking the lid and doesn’t want to give it back -  1min
Mix veg oil in with feed -  1min
Bring feed out to yard and feed horses  - 10min
Go find torch so you can see hay in hay shed, load up wheelbarrow with hay and bring back to horse who’s now kicking empty feed bucket around -  5min
Hay and change water in stables – 10min

Length of time to make my dinner
Boil kettle, pour into pot noodle, too exhausted to wait and just eat half softened pot noodle – 2min

I’m doing something wrong here?


Ashley said...

excited to start reading a new blog! woohoo! And thanks for coming over to mine to follow :)

Liz said...

love it!!! looking forward to reading about all yer adventures!!

Jessie McCandless said...

Ha!!! Amen!!!!!!

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness.... you hit the nail on the head with this one, I can sooooo relate!