Things that Harry eats that he knows he shouldn’t....

How do I know…cos he gets that guilty yet also slightly sniggering look.
Especially when he spots me a certain distance away.
Well Grrrr to you horse with your sense of humour. 

1. Reins
This his possibly his favourite thing to chew, possibly because it is my least favourite. 
Yup this has got to be the most annoying. It means the bridle can only go on at the very last minute or otherwise my lovely reins get chewed. I mean come on horse, it's not like reins grow on trees!!!

2. Brushes
All types and varieties. Nothing in the grooming kit is sacred. 
He especially loves to grab one, shake it up and down and then fling it!

3. Leadropes
Yup, whenever he's tied up and I go to get something I only have to glance over and he's reaching for the rope. 
If I catch him, a good holler will make him drop it with a guilty look.
If I don't catch him in the act I'll return to a sniggering horse happily chewing away. GrrrrrrAhhhhhhh Horse!

 4. Zipper pulls
If you're wearing it and it has a zip on it.....then he want it!
Zipper ties/pulls or those little bits of fabric attached to zips, this is especially delicious. WTF???

5. Wheelbarrows
Not so much eaten or chewed as played with really. 
If Harry's in the vicinity of an upright wheelbarrow and you're not in the vicinity of said wheelbarrow....then its some kind of strange law of the universe that the wheelbarrow will get tipped. The speed that this tipping happens is in direct relation to how full the wheelbarrow is. 
This. Is. Not. Fair!!!!
GrrrrAhhhh bloody horse.


eventer79 said...

Love your illustrations! The wheelbucket tippers are indeed my bane!

Mellimaus said...

What a fun blog you have! The drawings are such an original idea... very nice! :) I also have a brush-eating horse...and a zipper-pull-eating cat! haha :)

kt said...

Don't have a chewer but definitely have a tipper! An empty wheelbarrow up against a wall is also irresistible. As are flower pots..

SallymetHarryHorse said...

Thanks for nice comments!
Commiserations to those also suffering from chewing tipping sniggering horses. Flower pots....still havent' got around to that level of house keeping, but i imagine he'd be the same with those :-)

Jessie McCandless said...

LOL!!! Too true! My Fabian is just like that, except replace zippers with gloves. He absolutely has to grab the gloves off my hands and fling them away.

Julie said...

I had a huge 17hh Saddlebred that used to pick up the wheelbarrow and run off with it in his mouth! He also picked me up by the back of my pants one day.. took hold of my pony tail and would not let go..but my favorite was when he took the farriers rasp and proceeded to hit him with it!