Don’t try to diffuse a bomb when my dog has a tennis ball!

April Fool came by her name because we picked her out of her many squirming siblings of questionable heritage,  on,  Yes you got it….April Fools Day!

I don’t think we grasped the significance of this at the time.

She has many delightful quirks but some of these extend into the realm of obsession.
One obsession in particular is Tennis Balls! 
Especially fun are tennis balls when you’re trying to do something.

Trying to do the laundry….you’ll get a tennis ball dropped into the basket and a hopeful expression from the Fool

Trying to muck out the stables…’ll get a tennis ball lodged in the pitchfork prongs and the fool waiting for you to do something fun about it 

 Trying to vacuum…yup….a tennis ball with April hopping around your feet.

Trying to diffuse a bomb…..Tennis BALL! 
Not a good mix
but it's ok, because we still love her :-)


Wiola said...

Your drawings are superb! :)

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Love your blog - great artwork + hilarious.

Read your post about things that Harry eats... do we have the same horse?! Seriously. Even the zipper pulls :) Does Harry also desire hoodie strings by any chance?

So glad you stopped by my place and now we are connected!

Dom said...

Absolutely brilliant. I love your blog already :)

Analise said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog because I'm so glad to have found yours! This is hilarious and I love the little pictures you add into every post. :)

Jessie McCandless said...

I really, really love your artwork! It's so funny--I see my own dog in this: trying to make the bed and there's her "baby." Trying to fix dinner and I step on her "baby." Trying to put away the laundry and there's her "baby." So, I feel your pain :~)

Jenny said...

LOVE the cartoons!
Thanks for following along @ Tekes tally-Ho... and pointing the way to what looks like an incredibly creative and funny blog...

equineobsessed said...

Sally! Your drawings crack me up. I think I have been tortured with the wombly spook more than once. I want to see drawings of my idiot savont horse. Thanks! c

Mare said...

Love the drawings!